A legacy of
culinary performance

For more than fifty years, Read Woodfiber Laminate Cutting Boards™ have been the choice of professional kitchens and thousands of restaurants, large and small, worldwide. When Read introduced its innovative new boards in 1962, nothing could match their durability and functionality. They can last many times longer than other materials, resist deep knife cut marks while still protecting a chef’s treasured knives and resist heat and stains. Because the material is tough enough to stand up to steam cleaning and harsh, sanitizing commercial dishwashers, they can help prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses.

In a restaurant kitchen, everyone and every tool must pull its own weight. That’s why, after fifty years, Read is still the leader in food prep and cutting surfaces for the commercial food industry, and there’s still nothing that can match a Read Products Woodfiber Laminate cutting board.

Woodfiber Laminate
Cutting Boards

Read Products Woodfiber Laminate cutting boards are the original. Used in commercial kitchens for more than fifty years, they’re made from sheets of natural wood fibers that are impregnated with resin and heat pressed to thickness. The result is a cutting board with unmatched durability and performance. They’re hygienic and easy to clean because they are not destroyed by knives and stay smoother than other boards. They are long lasting and safe for your finest knives.


Interlocking Boards

READ Woodfiber Lamainate cutting boards can be custom made to any size or shape with cutouts, finger holes, pulls or locator pin holes. Board thicknesses are available from a quarter inch to two inches. Add components such as knife slots, juice grooves and ramekin wells. Have another idea we haven’t mentioned? Call us and we’ll discuss how we can make your idea happen.

Custom Shop

READ Woodfiber Cutting Boards can be made to any size or shape, with cut outs, finger holes, pulls, or locator pin holes. Call us and we’ll discuss how we can make your idea happen.


& Custom Sizes

READ Woodfiber Cutting Boards can be custom made to any size or shape, with cutouts, finger holes, locator pinholes and juice grooves. The only limitation is that boards should be designed to be turned over. Call us and we’ll discuss how we can make your idea happen.


Pizza Boards

Since 1962, the world's best pizza preparation and cutting surface. We have the size and shape of pizza board you need, in stock. The multi-functional boards can be used for prep, taking pizza in and out of the oven, cutting and serving.

Bread Boards- Durable and Beautiful Enough for Table Service

Our Woodfiber Laminate makes an ideal bread board. It’s easy to clean, diswasher safe, long-lasting and, after extensive use, can be renewed by light sanding or dressing with a scraper. Our boards can be customized with ramekin wells, making them ideal for table service.


Woodfiber Utensils

The best replacement for wood tools that can’t be properly cleaned. The best replacement for metal tools that damage pan surfaces and conduct heat. The best replacement for plastic tools that can’t handle the heat.