Find a secure career with Read Products!

In today’s uncertain job world, with bots automatically rejecting your job applications and gig work stacking up endlessly, it can lift your anxiety to know that if you choose to interview or work with us, you’ll have humans communicating with you no matter what and potential for a stable job and a dependable source of income. Our best assets include:

  • Low turnover with knowledgeable and easygoing staff and managers. Current employees have been here an average of 20 years!
  • Full-coverage benefits for full-time workers; no unethical practices like splitting shifts to keep you just under the limit.
  • Thorough communication for all your questions and paid training as part of the job. We are fully dedicated to honesty and encourage as many questions as possible.
  • A small but mighty team cross-trained to cover you and offer flexibility when you need to get to an appointment or help your family.

    Benefits for full-time workers:

    • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage
    • 401k with 3% company match
    • Accrued PTO with rollover
    • 10 paid holidays
    • Public transit 50% subsidy
    • Notary public on site for document authorization needs